**Spoiler Alert. If you haven’t read my last post about the Season 6 Finale of TWD do so now! If you haven’t watched it, don’t read any further****** There are a lot of theories floating around about who was killed in the Season 6 Finale of TWD and many people are guessing based just on … More Predictions

TWD News on Fear TWD

**There are some spoilers in the second paragraph…you have been warned** Chris Hardwick announced this week that this year he will be doing The Talking Dead after every episode of Fear TWD. This will not stop me from blogging about the show-the goal is to write about each episode-but I might include any tidbits learned and include it in … More TWD News on Fear TWD

The Leftovers

I am devastated that The Leftovers will only get one more season. This show, oh, this show! I don’t even know what to say about it. The first season took place in upstate New York in a little town and revolved around how the spontaneous disappearance of loved ones affected those left behind (the leftovers, … More The Leftovers


With TWD starting tonight, it is only fair that I post about Fear TWD. But first, where the hell is Jessie’s mom face? You know the one that moms put on that immediately shuts a kid up because he knows he’s gonna get it if he doesn’t? UGH, I could of died when that little … More Zoooombies